Is Your Recruitment Process Failing You?

Do you know that 1 out of every 4 hires is a miss hire?

You know them- the person in the next cubicle who is underperforming and just shouldn’t be there. Working with them is completely frustrating and getting them to do what you need them to, is impossible; but the worst part of it is according to The Australian and pretty much every recruitment white paper ever, is the cost of a bad hiring decision!  Depending on which research document you read, It’s between 1.5 and 2.5 the employee’s annual salary!  Can your business afford to continue to get it wrong?

We’ve put together our top 3 tips to ensure that you hire the RIGHT person for the RIGHT role everytime.

  1. Know who you want. Sounds obvious right? But thinking about and writing down (doesn’t have to be a formal job description) what the person will need to deliver in their role so that both you and they will be successful, is where you start.
  2. Lock in your budget. If you don’t first have a budget in mind, you are at the whim of your emotions when you find candidates you like and suddenly ‘must have’.
  3. Right Person, Right Job. Now that you know your budget and the exact role you need, create a process that helps you find them and take the emotion out of hiring. Decide up front, what the process will be, who will be involved and how you will select your perfect employee

Sounds like a lot to take on? Don’t worry, you can save yourself loads of time by using the Recruitment Process Checklist in our member’s HR Library. Remember! A failed recruitment process is costly but an expense that can be avoided. Get it right and it can be the single thing that allows your business to succeed and reach its goals.

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